Ultra Wash package

Ultra Wash package

Gentle hand wash using Glare® Ultra Wash™ and microfiber chenille mitts.

Cleaning of wheels with Glare® Turbo Action™ wheel cleaner

Dressing of tires with Glare® Tire Magic™

Clean interior windows

Vacuuming of cabin area( $15 Extra charge for excessive pet hair and sand)

  • Cars: $49.99
  • Midsize: $55.99
  • Large: $59.99
  • Extra Large: $65.99



Extra Details:

  • Upgrade to Glare® Plus™(12 month protection): $50
  • Water spot removal from paint: $150-200
  • Water spot removal from windows: $75-$150
  • Heavy Fallout removal: $100-200
  • Add Shampoo: $25-$100
  • Leather conditioning with Glare® Vinyl & Leather treatment™: $50


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